Masonry Services


Fowler's Roofing offers Masonry Services. Our experienced professionals have been building fireplaces, hearths, patio's, walkways and stone walls for many years. We also repair chimney's or we can build you a new one.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are a great way to maintain chimneys. Let this protective covering help you protect your chimney liner and motor crown.Keep out weather, animals, add appeal and integrity to your chimney. They are offered for masonry chimneys and prefabricated chimney.

Chimney Liners

A chimney liner will help insulate the chimney and protect your chimney's walls from heat and corrosion. It is intended to contain combustion products and direct them safely outside.


Flashing is placed at the base of the chimney structure near the roof line. It is used to keep rain water from leaking into the building.

Water Proofing

Water repellent sealant is applied to cracks, missing pieces will be replaced and any mortar damage due to excessive water will be remedied.

Tuck Pointing

Masonry crew will replace mortar between bricks, which will provide a strong, water resistant joint. It will help extend the life of your chimney. When chimney repairs are postponed or otherwise neglected, the consequences can be: stained wall covering or plaster, rotted wood, rusted damper assemblies, deteriorated firebox assemblies, cracked flue liners, and partial or total collapse of the chimney walls.

Custom Fireplaces & Hearths

If you are ready to build or remodel your fireplace or hearth. Fowler's Roofing has Professional masons on hand. Your new fireplace will save on the oil bill, add value to your home and set a elegant or cozy look to any room. Make it your own with traditional brick, rock, stone or slate. Wow your friends or just spend time with your family outdoors on the patio with a new outdoor fireplace. Keep the cold nights still enjoyable outside by a cozy fire.

Patios, Steps, Walkways and Landscaping

Add style, a long lasting beautiful look and value to your home. Fowler's Roofing can build your new Masonry project from many varieties of stone, brick, rock or concrete products. Enjoy the outside with a new look and add value to your home. Fowler's Roofing is fully insured and offers a 24 hour emergency service serving the state of Maine as well as a 5 year warranty on labor.

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